Ce fel de campanie de promovare online să alegi?

Ce fel de campanie de promovare online să alegi?

Experienced or start-up companies all need customers. The question is, where do you find the right customers? Most customers are currently connected to the Internet. They spend time on social media, searching for services or products on Google, or simply getting informed. 80% of consumers enter at least once a day on a search engine. So if you want to attract more customers you need to start an online promotion campaign.

Where to run an online promotion campaign to get results?

There are many channels available to distribute your ads today. In the online environment you have countless opportunities for promotion. Below I will present the main methods of promoting your business in the online environment.

  • Promotion through Social Media

It is already known that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used by millions of people. An online promotion campaign conducted on social networks will bring you customers quickly. The costs of a Facebook campaign are very low, also the structuring is easily achieved. An enormous advantage lies in establishing the right audience.

  • Promotion through Google Ads


Google is the largest search engine. The ads created on this platform bring exceptional results. The benefits of using the Google Ads platform are manually setting the maximum cost per click and adding the relevant keywords. The ads will be displayed where and to whom, without consuming more budget than the one set. Dynamic, search, or display campaigns can be created on Google Ads.

  • Promotion through SEO

Search engine optimization is a must. SEO will achieve an organic growth of your website on Google pages. It is important to occupy the top positions in this search engine. According to the latest statistics, users are looking for a product or service on average only up to the third page. At the same time, they associate the first results with a serious company.

Which campaign is right for your business?

Depending on the budget you have, contact us by phone, e-mail or Facebook to determine together which is the best option for you. Yosse is helping you. We bring solutions and tips for developing your business.


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