SEO Audit

Your website is not positioned in first pages in Google ?

First place in Google ? This is something that generates more customers and improves your website visibility.

You tried allready many strategies to improve your website visibility and nothing worked?,Amplify Web Design offers you   SEO Audit  to develop the best marketing plan for your business. In a short period you will reach first places in Google Search Engines and be more visible for all your customers.

 SEO Audit is a strategy that all companies use to increase sales. Seo Audit will be structured with all your content on your website and all backlinks that are related with your business.

I need a  SEO Audit?

analiza website

 Website Analysis

We check all your website content and backlinks to identify what was structured on your website and how is evolving.

Elements for analysis:

  • Source Codes and  HTML tags
  • Domain and server
  • Page Rank
  • Index of pages
  • Priority in  Sitemap.xml
Audit SEO

 On-Page Analysis

We check all the keyords and structured content to verify index of all elements.


  • Meta data (titles, tags, descriptions)
  • Headings
  • Text and Content
  •  URL Content
  • Media Elements
Audit SEO

Off-page Analysis

In this stage we find all the keywords related with your website and check the index of all keywords related .


  • Identifying all relevant keyords in your website
  • Analysis of all keyords related with your business
  • Check all rank Pages for all your website keywords

Audit Report

After all stages are completed we structure a report with all our ideas and improvements for the upcoming period of time.

On site , and Off Site report for all your keywords

Our main purpose is to offer quality to all our customers .


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