SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Your website doesn`t generate enough customers? Is not efficient? ? We can help you!The main problem is that is not visible for all customers. Try Seo Optimization!!

 SEO Optimization (All the Seo structured in your page ) is the key to all successful websites .SEO is related to all content structured on your website and improves all the index to Google pages. Your Website will be visible in Google Pages and generate more customers quicker.

Keyword Analysis

First step is to find the exact Keywords to structure content on, structured with specialized platforms for the best results, keywords structured for your customer needs.

Posting  / Copywriting

For best results we structure unique content articles that are posted to websites relevant to your business , this articles will generate backlinks for your website and improve the rank of your business.

In – site Seo Optimization

For all your pages we will structure content that is relevant and meets all google search criteria , after this is only a matter of time and competition.


SEO or  Search Engine Optimization is the marketing section that is based on content and visibility , this will take your business in first pages of  Google.Search Engines are unique and are defined by all the customer needs and related searches. This is the best way to interact with your customers .. If the search engines can find the exact content or relevant content on your website , you will have a low website traffic and your clients could not reach you .


Search Engine Marketing is the marketing section that is based on pay per click. SEM is the process that uses CPC , to generate new clients in a short period of time. You will increase your website visitors based on a daily budget . This way your website can be first in Google searches but for a short period of time .Competition may use the same strategy , because of that is very important to check every day the Sem Campaigns.Amplify Web Design is dedicated and every day we check the keyords cost and eliminate negative keyords to keep as low as possible the costs of your campaign but with 100 % efficiency.

Results are the most important

We offer contracts with a short period of time first so you can convince yourself we make the most efficient campaignes.