Google Ads

Amplify Web Design offers results! Google Ads can affect your entire business if is not configured properly.

Google Ads is the most profitable campaign on Google. This will help you increase traffic and  orders in a short period of time . Depends a lot on keywords and bid strategy to have a succes realy quick. Display network  will increase the visibility of your company and bring you the targeted clients.

Keyword Analysis

Depends a lot if there is a number of keywords choosed corectly and what kind of bid strategy is designed for your business.


We are Google Ads partners and our collaboration brings advantage every time we structure a campaigns , this will help you increase traffic and generate more customers.

Campaign Management

We manage every day all campaigns , we structure different keyords and eliminate the negative ones to keep all your expenses as low as possible.

Search Campaign

Our main objective is to bring more customers , generate leads and increase traffic . We manage all campaigns like our own , your website is a business and as long as you have succes we will have too.

Display Network

We create all the visual materials  with the best designers so you will have succes straight from the first day and generate a lot of customer in a short period of time.

Video Campaigns

We structure videos and distribute them in well known network to have the best possible results.

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